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Flow and RefWorks are managed by the same company, so once a user creates a Flow account, his or her computer wants to send all references to Flow instead of RefWorks. Even attemping to sign into RefWorks may bring a user to Flow.  Here are some suggestions for getting back to RefWorks export links and the login page:

First Option: Closing your browser

  • First, try logging out of Flow and your Bethel account and close your web browser
  • Reopen your browser and see if the links now send you to RefWorks

Second Option: Use a different browser

  • If you began using Flow in one browser on your computer (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.), try using a different browser and see if that brings you back to RefWorks.
  • Note: If you created your Flow account in a browser that you prefer to use (e.g. Firefox), then switching to a secondary browser may not be a desirable long-term solution.

Third Option: Delete your browsing history and cache

  • All browser have an option to delete the "history" of websites the computer has visited along with the "cached" information about those pages.
  • Clearing history and cache should cause the computer to "forget" that you began using Flow, and should display the RefWorks links instead.


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